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Brigitte Franssen

Marketing manager, Wassenburg Medical

We saw early on that Filmding delivers quality.

We wanted to use video to successfully launch a new product. First within our organization, to enthuse our own colleagues, and then externally. That’s why we approached Filmding. I am very satisfied with the way it was realized. Since we were in the middle of the first corona outbreak, we had to improvise. Filmding was very cooperative there. Communication was clear and we quickly saw that they deliver quality. It is not always the case that an external agency understands exactly what you want to convey. We put a lot of energy into a good briefing, but after that, it’s up to the agency to make the translation. Filmding did a great job. We are very happy with the result.

Menno Bouwens

Business Line Manager, AXA Home Security

With these films, we really distinguish ourselves from others in our market.

We provide products that help you increase your home’s safety. We wanted to use short films to show people at home carefree. We contacted various agencies. From the beginning, Filmding was best at translating our wishes into an offer. In addition to the planned films, the idea for a Holiday DIY campaign with video arose spontaneously. Because of the corona situation, we figured many people would stay at home and take up DIY chores around the house. The Holiday DIY video gave a magic touch to the campaign. Even if a film is just short, it conveys a lot of feeling. The Filmding team handled the project well. That made us feel reassured. The results led to a lot of positive response. With these films, we really distinguish ourselves from others in our market.

Nelis Bral

Head of Concept & Product development, Boost Group

This is a valuable addition to our communication with the consumer.

We are specialized in customized storytelling. Recently, we developed a group of characters for a supermarket chain abroad. We always want to communicate in such a way that it stands out. We asked Filmding to create a playful storyline around those characters. A 2D animation proved to be the right choice. We had pleasant meetings to arrive at the story. Then, with a tight schedule and smooth communication, we achieved a good result. The supermarket was also very enthusiastic. It is a valuable addition to our communication with the consumer. The added value, compared to print, is that it adds more emotion to the experience. Even after the campaign, we still benefit from the animation, for example in presentations.

Wendy Stevens

Marketing manager, Jaga Netherlands

Working with Filmding is more than simply outsourcing a video production.

For Jaga, it’s important that our communication reflects the high quality, reliability and accessibility of our products. The videos made by Filmding do that successfully. Working with Filmding is more than simply outsourcing a video production: the team helps you figure out the right message and the right use of online communication. That makes for great productions. We are super proud of the results.

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Job Wienen

Marketing manager, Nedinsco

The video proved effective. We are very satisfied with both the results and the way of working.

We asked Filmding to make an animation video to support a product launch during a trade fair in London. In an online campaign in the run-up to the fair, the video already yielded extra requests for information. At the fair itself, it was greeted with enthusiasm as well. That’s why we we also had an animation video made for the next product launch. This video also proved effective during an online campaign. Even people who are not as well-versed in the field of technology found it a great story. That means you’ve done great work together. We are very satisfied with the results as well as the way of working.

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Floor Beek

Marketing manager, De Rolf Groep

What I love, is the way our philosophy shines through in the films.

Together with Filmding we made a series of videos called ‘Parelpraatjes’, focused on different channels. What we did was we let children test our products and tell us how they liked them. What I especially loved, was the way our philosophy shines through in these films. We deeply care about learning. Every day our education professionals strive to help children grow. So how nice is it to let these kids star in these films? Also, I appreciated Filmding’s cooperative attitude and the way they take care of the relationship with their customers.

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Michiel van Haaften

Corporate Documentation & Design Manager EMEA, Topcon Positioning Group

Filmding always shares constructive thoughts on our video marketing strategy.

We have been working with Filmding as our film partner for several years now. They always share constructive thoughts on our video marketing strategy, and support us in our visual communications. Together we’ve done many international projects, resulting in powerful films that helped us position ourselves. We are always kept up-to-date on planning and progress through regular meetings.

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Constantijn Vermeulen

Marketing manager, Coolworld Rentals & Heatworld Rentals

Filmding's strength lies in translating your vision into a good story.

Being visible is very important to us. Video plays a major role in that respect. It is great to have Filmding as a strategic partner. Their strength lies in translating the corporate vision into a good story that makes sense. We laid the foundation for that in our first sessions together, based on our strategy and our ambitions. The international aspect is important: making content you can use widely by making different, local variants within the intended strategy. That definitely adds value.

Roel Helleman

Marketing & Communicatie Manager, DB+

Filmding asked the right questions to get to the core of our message.

To support our rebranding process, we wanted a video to convey the DB+ feeling. The result fits our brand well. It shows involvement, liveliness, openness. Filmding listened to our story really well and asked the right questions to get to the core. They do this in an informal way, with genuine interest.

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Emile Wolfert

(previously) commercial manager, Vandeputte Medical

Filmding succeeded in turning our complicated story into a short, concise film.

We wanted to present our story in a video to quickly make it clear to everyone. Filmding succeeded in turning this complicated story into a short, concise film. They actively joined us in our thought process. It all went smoothly thanks to clear communications and coordination along the way. We’re happy with the result!