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Recruitment film

Your search for new employees becomes a lot easier with a recruitment film. Film boosts your employer branding efforts like no other medium can. Show your company’s uniqueness and find people who fit your culture.

Increase your recruitment campaign’s success

Imagine someone offers you a job. Are you up for it? It’s a decision you’ll make based – largely – on emotion. With film, it’s easier to convey feeling than with a piece of text. A valuable asset for any recruitment campaign. With a recruitment film you can…

– position your brand as a great place to work

– show the atmosphere, culture and core values of your company

– improve your vacancy’s visibility and findability

– even save time on recruitment


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Reach the right people

In everything we produce for our customers, we focus on what sets them apart. Their authenticity, their unique story. This also contributes to an outstanding recruitment film. Maybe you could place employees front and center and show how they experience their work. Your company’s identity comes to life, the images reflect your core values. Viewers who would make a great match will be more likely to send you their resumes.

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More than employer branding alone...

Besides powerful employer branding, you can also benefit from film to improve your onboarding processes for new employees. Think of safety instructions, for instance, or an in-depth introduction to your company culture.

Roel Helleman

Roel Helleman

Marketing & Communicatie Manager, DB+

Filmding asked the right questions to get to the core of our message.

To support our rebranding process, we wanted a video to convey the DB+ feeling. The result fits our brand well. It shows involvement, liveliness, openness. Filmding listened to our story really well and asked the right questions to get to the core. They do this in an informal way, with genuine interest.

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