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Wassenburg Medical

A safe endoscope for every patient. That is Wassenburg Medical’s mission. As a global player, they develop innovative solutions for cleaning and disinfecting endoscopes.

Their new cleaning and disinfection machine, the WASSENBURG® WD4200, raises the bar again. Wassenburg wanted to use video for a striking product launch. Filmding provided productions that made the WD4200 the talk of the town.

  • Product film

Remarkable about this project

The idea was to first get the employees’ attention and then talk to the external audience. We made a teaser video that was used internally at Wassenburg. This created an exciting run-up to the product launch – and a lot of curiosity among the sales staff. Of course they are happy to get out there with a groundbreaking solution.

Shortly afterwards, the informative product video appeared. A combination of film and (3D) animation, so that you also get to see how the machine works on the inside.

The voice-over and the words on the screen convincingly convey the most important USPs.

Results for the customer

The videos generated a lot of enthusiasm both internally and externally. With the English voice-over and subtitles in several languages, the product video is suitable for the international market in which Wassenburg operates.

Online and in sales meetings, the video provides a powerful introduction.

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