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Solar Power Systems

Solar Power Systems is a Flemish specialist in solar panels and green electricity. Now that everyone has to contribute to a more sustainable world, Solar Power Systems is taking on a pioneering role.

The company is starting a movement: the green wave. For anyone who wants to make a difference.

After a previous collaboration with Filmding, Solar Power Systems came back to us for films about the green wave. To show what this movement stands for – and to invite the viewer to join in.

  • Company branding

Remarkable about this project

In collaboration with Solar Power Systems we came up with a complete video package. The viewer follows various fictional characters who show what the green wave stands for.

The videos were used in a campaign. Step by step you get to know the green wave and with the core values of Solar Power Systems. Ultimately, you see the brand movie which powerfully conveys an urgent message.

Results for the customer

This approach places the work of Solar Power Systems in a broader context. Instead of directly promoting their product, they show the difference a green lifestyle makes. And how that should become self-evident for the new generations.

In a short time, the videos were shown thousands of times on Solar Power Systems’ own channels. A nice side effect: this makes them an example for other companies. They show vision and claim their position as green pioneers.

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