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//case-study-en //company-branding-en //employer-branding-en //product-film-en
//company-branding-en //employer-branding-en //explainer-video-en //product-film-en
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//company-branding-en //event-video //product-film-en //video-marketing-strategy-en
//case-study-en //event-video //explainer-video-en //online-commercial-en //product-film-en

Michiel van Haaften

Corporate Documentation & Design Manager EMEA, Topcon Positioning Group

Filmding always shares constructive thoughts on our video marketing strategy.

We have been working with Filmding as our film partner for several years now. They always share constructive thoughts on our video marketing strategy, and support us in our visual communications. Together we’ve done many international projects, resulting in powerful films that helped us position ourselves. We are always kept up-to-date on planning and progress through regular meetings.

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