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Promoting your new product, showing how it works, explaining its benefits. That’s what a product film does. The perfect way to launch your new offers.

A solid approach

You can do all sorts of things with a product film. Many people tend to think of the typical form: the product front and center, maybe someone there telling something about it, and that’s how you learn what it is and what it does.

A solid approach that often works fine. We can look for a decent format, so that films like these can be produced easily and on a large scale. Ideal to present a bigger range of products.

Or it could be more exciting

Filmding prefers to do product films differently. Our team is brimming with creative energy, so we like looking for new and original ways to show your product or service. Out of the box, so your brand distinguishes itself. And the audience gets a memorable experience.

We could combine film with animation, for instance. To clarify what your product does. See how we did this for Topcon. We could also use 3D animation, like we did with Strunz. Or we could make films that show products being tested in a playful way, like with De Rolf Groep.

Can you already picture your product film playing?

We’re happy to help, creatively as well as strategically. We’ll make sure you present your product like only your company can.

Time for some more inspiration? Browse through our productfilms.