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Our method
Smooth process, lots of creativity

Our way of working? We look closely. We listen carefully. We like to get to know our customer well and gain a good understanding of your world. We basically strive to be the soulmates of your marketing department. We study your goals so our films help you achieve them.

We work with a well-structured creative process. With clear agreements, plenty of room for feedback, and one contact person who keeps you informed.

If you need multiple videos, we plan our recording days in such a way that we can shoot multiple videos at once. And when your videos are finished, we help you reach your target audience. Let’s make sure they get a closer look at your brand.

Nicolette van den Berg - Villa Pardoes

Nicolette van den Berg

Marketing- en communicatiespecialist, Villa Pardoes

Hiermee kunnen we beter uitleggen waarom ons werk waardevol is.

Nadat onderzocht was wat de impact is van een vakantieweek in Villa Pardoes, wilden we een video laten maken waarin die impact voelbaar wordt. Dat is heel mooi gelukt, met een aansprekende combinatie van onderzoeksresultaten en verhalen van ervaringsdeskundigen. Ons verhaal wordt goed overgebracht, op zo’n manier dat we het langere tijd kunnen gebruiken. Hiermee kunnen we onze sponsoren, vrijwilligers en gasten beter uitleggen waarom Villa Pardoes echt een healing environment is. Het was bijzonder om te zien hoe de filmmakers op zoek gingen naar de juiste plekken en de juiste momenten. Filmding was erg helder in de communicatie met tussentijdse updates over de planning en het budget. Er waren al eens journalistieke video’s over Villa Pardoes gemaakt, maar dit was onze eerste eigen videoproductie. Het resultaat mag er zijn. De beelden, de sfeer, het gevoel dat het oproept… We zijn ervan overtuigd dat verhalen vertellen met beeld de toekomst is.

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    Your go-to Filmdinger during the entire process – from briefing to completion – is the project manager. He or she monitors planning and budget, so the team can dedicate their energy to creating an eye-catching film.

    Directed by our concept owner, the team gathers the ingredients for the apple pie. The message, the imagery, everything. The copywriter starts developing the story. Will the film be animated? In this case, we will set up a storyboard and share this with you so we can see if everything’s on point.

    It’s simple, really: we provide suggestions, you decide. It’s important that we can all speak freely, so nothing gets overlooked. The project manager makes sure that everything we agree on gets done. By now, the oven has been preheated… We’re ready for production!

    • projectmanager
    • concept owner
    • copywriter


    Ah yes, the story is there. The project manager checks in with you to see if everything you want to say is being said. Meanwhile, more people are involved: voice actor, illustrator, camera team, managers of filming locations.

    The concept owner really gets things going with the creative team. The shoots are planned and conducted. The filmmakers select the footage that best tells your story. Are we producing an animation? In that case, illustrations are made based on the storyboard and the animator brings them to life. The voice-over is recorded and the right music is found.

    The concept owner and project manager now check whether the product fits the wishes you formulated at the start of our process. Does it? Then version 1 is coming your way. Have a little taste of the pie!

    • projectmanager
    • concept owner
    • filmmaker
    • animator


    The apple pie is almost done now (can you smell it?). A striking film, one of a kind, ready to be shared with the world. But before the audience can get a piece of it, it’s time for finishing touches: sound design, colour grading, subtitles perhaps.

    The project manager gathers the last round of feedback. A small correction here and there and we are ready to show you the result. Are you proud of it? Are we, as well? Then it’s a wrap. Let’s eat!

    As the whipped cream and cherry on top, our marketing strategist shares some extra recommendations with you. After all, we want you to make the most of your film.

    • projectmanager
    • concept owner
    • filmmaker
    • animator
    • marketing specialist

    Summed up in a film...