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Instruction film

More often than many people think, an instructional film can be incredibly useful. To take a complex process and make it easy to comprehend. To take a user manual and bring it to life. Or to ease the burden on your customer service department. Does this match your objectives? Then consider making an instructional film.

Increase understanding while saving time

Do your products or services require some explanation? With a film you can visualize the process and add some more information, step by step. Whether it’s for employees or customers: after viewing, they’ll understand your product or service better.

Speaking of customers: you can help them by answering frequently asked questions. By using instructional films on your website, you’ll reduce the number of emails, phone calls and other requests for help. People can then figure things out by themselves – saving you a lot of time.

Film, animation, or even interactive video?

Together, we’ll find the right style and form to tell your story. An ‘explanimation’, perhaps? Or we might consider interactive video. That way, the viewer decides how she navigates through different steps, and what’s most relevant for her. During our first meetings, we’ll explore ways to help you reach your goal – and we’ll get to an effective concept quickly.


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Emile Wolfert

(previously) commercial manager, Vandeputte Medical

Filmding succeeded in turning our complicated story into a short, concise film.

We wanted to present our story in a video to quickly make it clear to everyone. Filmding succeeded in turning this complicated story into a short, concise film. They actively joined us in our thought process. It all went smoothly thanks to clear communications and coordination along the way. We’re happy with the result!

Even more applications

An instructional film can also help you…

  • clearly communicate the right safety measures
  • introduce new policies in an accessible way
  • share a catchy how-to with your products (who reads manuals, these days?)


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