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Film package

Want to use film for multiple goals? Then you might need multiple films. Do you prefer working with one agency, with one point of contact, that knows you through and through? A Filmding Film package is what you’re looking for.

Different goals, different films

Every objective requires something else from a film. Just like every communications channel asks for a different approach. Do you want to gain attention on social media? Then we’ll take into account short attention spans. Plus the fact many people watch videos with the sound off. There’s something to think about with every channel or medium.

With a recruitment film, you approach the viewer differently than with a corporate film. A product film does something different than an instructional one. Event communications are a whole other ballgame. And to tell a story really thoroughly, a branded documentary might be a great idea. You can combine all these in a film package.



How we create a film package

Together we’ll compile the perfect film package. It’s something to do with several clients. It means we…

– come up with a strategic plan together with you
– set up a smart production that brings forth several films
– collaborate with you closely
– move forward quickly, as we know your proposition and goals
– keep you up-to-date on planning, progress and budgets
– adapt the films to different channels and audiences
– ensure consistency, unity of style

We look forward to discussing your film package.

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Strategic and unique

Properly getting to know your company and your story is important to us. That way we can provide solid advice, think strategically, and produce outstanding films for you.

Filmding already put together film packages for JMC and Autotaalglas, for example. Want to know more about the possibilities? Talk to us today.

Floor Beek

Marketing manager, De Rolf Groep

What I love, is the way our philosophy shines through in the films.

Together with Filmding we made a series of videos called ‘Parelpraatjes’, focused on different channels. What we did was we let children test our products and tell us how they liked them. What I especially loved, was the way our philosophy shines through in these films. We deeply care about learning. Every day our education professionals strive to help children grow. So how nice is it to let these kids star in these films? Also, I appreciated Filmding’s cooperative attitude and the way they take care of the relationship with their customers.

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