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Filmding College #19 – Customer care videos

26th September 2019 | 13:30 - 18:00 | €195,-

Important: This event will be in Dutch.

Every organization benefits from a strong positioning of its product or service, so that the customer knows what he/she will purchase. But once you became a customer, you are often on your own. When you want to ensure (more) customer satisfaction and loyalty, it is important to pay sufficient attention to the follow-up process. Because if your communication is good in after sales, you will not only achieve more customer satisfaction, but also more engagement. You do this through proper guidance, support and instructions. When this provides a positive experience with customers or more awareness of the possibilities of a product, the customer will be more inclined to share his positive experience with others. He/she will become an ambassador. We therefore zoom in on ‘customer care videos’ in the next Filmding College.

We are happy to prepare the College together with our guest speakers. The speakers will share their experience and vision. The program will again be a nice combination of stories about theory and practice.

Location: To be announced

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The speakers

André Ansems

Directeur, Filmding

André has 18 years of experience in marketing. His personal ambition is to trigger people and inspire them about visual communication. This Filmding College, he will share his knowledge and experience about customer care videos and how they can enhance your engagement and future sales opportunities.

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The program

  • Entrance13.30-14.00
  • Opening14.00-14.15
  • André Ansems14.15-15.00
  • Break15.00-15.45
  • Guest speaker 1 - To be announced15.45-16.15
  • Guest speaker 2 - To be announced16.15-16.45
  • Closing16.45-17.00
  • Network drink17.00-18.00