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Event communications

How do you draw attention to your company during a conference or a summit? How do you tease your audience in the run-up to your event? And how do you keep in touch with them afterwards? Boost your event communications with film.

‘I have to see this!’

If you want to motivate people to participate in your event, you can spark their interest with a teaser. A short video that gives a taste of what’s to come. That how you make people go ‘I have to be there!’ and ‘I have to see this!’.

You can also harness the power of film during an event. Are you representing your company with a stand at an exhibition? It’s easy for people to just walk on by… With an eye-catching film, you can count on more conversations.

Capture the moment

Maybe a lot of valuable knowledge is shared at your event, for instance during keynotes or roundtables. You probably don’t want to let that go to waste. Who knows, perhaps some practical advice could be captured in snippets perfect for social media.

Or maybe you’d like to record the way your visitors experience your event. With interviews and mood shots, we’ll capture the moment for you.


How you benefit

Using film in your event communications, you…

  • attract a bigger audience
  • store the knowledge shared during the event
  • give a unique impression afterwards
  • create a stronger connection with clients and relations
  • remain top-of-mind easier

An event is a campaign

At Filmding, we look beyond ‘simple’ registrations of conferences or summits. We see events as campaigns. Before, during, and after the event you can reap the benefits of film. Next time, your visitors will want to join you again.

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