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Branded documentary

If your company likes to tell remarkable stories, a branded documentary is the way to go. It doesn’t feel like marketing or advertising: it’s about an honest story, suitable for a huge audience. A powerful instrument for branding and positioning.

Show the world what it is you care about

With a branded documentary – as with marketing and advertising, of course – your goal with a branded documentary is to reach and engage an audience. But the way you do it, is experienced differently. It’s less commercial, the emphasis is on the story.

It’s not about your products or services necessarily. It’s about what you think is important in the world. The documentary shows why. Viewers can experience the message of the film themselves. They find out what you stand for and get a feel for your brand. In the battle for attention, stories like these are refreshing.

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Stories that stay with you

In our team, you can find film makers specialized in narrative films and documentaries. It’s something we all get excited about: telling a special story and captivating the audience with it. It gives you the opportunity to put some emotion int he story and make a film that gets people thinking.

In the world of work, unique stories are waiting to be told. Every company has its own distinctive stories. With a branded documentary, you can set yourself apart. It’s an honest and effective tool to position yourself and further grow your brand.

Our approach

Filmding videoproductie testimonial Michiel van Haaften

Michiel van Haaften

Corporate Documentation & Design Manager EMEA, Topcon Positioning Group

Filmding always shares constructive thoughts on our video marketing strategy.

We have been working with Filmding as our film partner for several years now. They always share constructive thoughts on our video marketing strategy, and support us in our visual communications. Together we’ve done many international projects, resulting in powerful films that helped us position ourselves. We are always kept up-to-date on planning and progress through regular meetings.

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Long story short?

By sharing a branded documentary…

– you don’t emphasize your offer, you tell a sincere story

– you appeal to a broad audience

– you enable the viewer to feel what your brand is about


We’re happy to help you find out how a branded documentary helps you build your brand.


Amaze your audience with a branded documentary