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The best of both worlds

At Filmding, we’re always combining the best of both worlds. You can tell by the way we work: in a solid structure with room for wonder. You can tell when we visualize your story: it’s all real and it appeals to the imagination. And you can tell by looking at the impact of our films: viewers are excited and your brand gets stronger.

Ratio and emotion. Thinking and making. Marketing and film art. For us, all of this is just like yin and yang. We are your film partner with marketing knowledge: we stand by you strategically and creatively. That is why we also organize workshops and knowledge sessions, to inspire you and make the most of our collaboration.

Meet our team

Astrid Spraakman

Creative Producer

Monja van Deurzen

Creative Producer
Get to know André better?

André Ansems

Owner & Director
Get to know Jeroen better?

Jeroen Bronckers

Video Editor
Get to know Maarten better?

Maarten van den Berg

Video Editor
Get to know Chris better?

Chris de Krijger

Concept Owner
Get to know Jos better?

Jos Meijers

Concept Owner
Get to know Stefanie better?

Stefanie Daalman

HR & Management

Jos Rouw


Max Peters

Social Media Creative

Want to join Filmding?

Filmding is growing. Are you a proactive freelance filmmaker with a certain specialism? Or a great producer who likes to make things happen with a great team? Or are you the social media specialist who creates extra visibility and finds new fans for Filmding and our customers? Then get in touch and show us your work.

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