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Outstanding films

Specialised in film production as well as marketing, Filmding brings you the best of both worlds. Creativity and strategy go hand in hand throughout our process. That’s how we make sure you head out into the world with more than just a standard video. We make distinctive films and animations. Films that tell your company’s true story. Films that make an impression and show the audience what makes you stand out. In short: films that speak to the imagination. Sincere, original, and remarkable.

Film is our thing (‘ding’ in Dutch), and it has been since 2010. We work in The Netherlands ánd abroad. Check out our services below and have a look at our previous projects.

Your dedicated partner 

Curiosity is in our DNA. We want to get to know your company through and through, so we can visualise your story in the most memorable way. We’re all about transparent collaboration and thinking out loud. We dare to ask critical questions. All in order to create the best achievable product. You’ll be fully involved in the process from start to finish – even though we’re the ones doing all the hard work.

Meanwhile, we aim to inspire you with new ideas we believe will benefit you. During our Filmding Colleges for instance. We are your strong-voiced partner, in it for the long haul. We make sure our films contribute to your strategic objectives – internal or external.

Want to know who you’ll be working with? Meet the team below!

What is it we do differently?

What we don’t do: list your wishes and simply tick the boxes. We also don’t like doing what’s already been done. Filming the employee at the desk who pretends to be on the phone or other clichés you see in nine out of ten corporate films? No sirree: we’d rather make that one-in-ten film.

So what do we do? We track down the story that sets you apart. We’ll be all ears, working closely together with you and reporting along the way to keep you in the know. Above all, we make outstanding films. Films that could fit nobody else but you.

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The team

Meer weten over onze veelzijdige verbinder?

Stefanie Daalman

Veelzijdige Verbinder

Astrid Spraakman

Creatieve Producer

Roel van Diek

Operational Manager

Femke de Bruijn

Account Manager

Kimberly Koopmans

Project Manager

Chris de Krijger

Concept Owner

Jos Meijers

Concept Owner

Jeroen Bronckers

Video | Editor

Maarten van den Berg

Video | Editor

Tom Pfeifle

Video | Editor

Andreia Dobrota


André Ansems


Lisanne Versteeg


Jos Rouw