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We are Filmding.
Distinctive stories. Outspoken and on point.

Outspoken and on point

Filmding makes outspoken films and animations. We capture your distinctive story in an eye-catching way. The result: a film that grabs the attention, tells a sincere story and helps you reach your goal. We’ve been doing this nationally and internationally since 2010.

We appreciate a more personal approach in the business world. We believe in capturing and sharing real stories. We want to visualise what makes your company unique, what drives you, what it is that you are striving for. We make films that captivate. Films that stick.

Filmding speaks to the imagination.

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How we work 

We believe creativity is just as important as a well-thought-out approach. Our team masters several disciplines and works according to a smart process. This way, you can count on a film that works for you. We use images that make it clear: this can be no one else’s story but yours.

Our process