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The best of both worlds

Most decisions are made based on emotion. Afterwards, they are justified with reason. Similarly, pretty much everything has two sides to it. That is why we at Filmding always bring the best of both worlds together. In every possible way. Business goals and personal enthusiasm. Ratio and emotion. Strategy and creation. Marketing and film art.

This way, we make films that tell a true story while also speaking to the imagination.

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Wendy Stevens

Marketing manager, Jaga Netherlands

Working with Filmding is more than simply outsourcing a video production.

For Jaga, it’s important that our communication reflects the high quality, reliability and accessibility of our products. The videos made by Filmding do that successfully. Working with Filmding is more than simply outsourcing a video production: the team helps you figure out the right message and the right use of online communication. That makes for great productions. We are super proud of the results.

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Our productions contribute to a stronger brand, higher visiblity and more sales.