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Most decisions are made based on emotion. Afterwards, they are justified with reason. Similarly, pretty much everything has two sides to it. That is why we at Filmding always bring the best of both worlds together. In every possible way. Business goals and personal enthusiasm. Ratio and emotion. Strategy and creation. Marketing and film art.

This way, we make films that tell a true story while also speaking to the imagination.

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Brigitte Franssen

Marketing manager, Wassenburg Medical

We saw early on that Filmding delivers quality.

We wanted to use video to successfully launch a new product. First within our organization, to enthuse our own colleagues, and then externally. That’s why we approached Filmding. I am very satisfied with the way it was realized. Since we were in the middle of the first corona outbreak, we had to improvise. Filmding was very cooperative there. Communication was clear and we quickly saw that they deliver quality. It is not always the case that an external agency understands exactly what you want to convey. We put a lot of energy into a good briefing, but after that, it’s up to the agency to make the translation. Filmding did a great job. We are very happy with the result.

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