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Most decisions are made based on emotion. Afterwards, they are justified with reason. Similarly, pretty much everything has two sides to it. That is why we at Filmding always bring the best of both worlds together. In every possible way. Business goals and personal enthusiasm. Ratio and emotion. Strategy and creation. Marketing and film art.

This way, we make films that tell a true story while also speaking to the imagination.

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AXA Menno Bouwens

Menno Bouwens

Business Line Manager, AXA Home Security

With these films, we really distinguish ourselves from others in our market.

We provide products that help you increase your home’s safety. We wanted to use short films to show people at home carefree. We contacted various agencies. From the beginning, Filmding was best at translating our wishes into an offer. In addition to the planned films, the idea for a Holiday DIY campaign with video arose spontaneously. Because of the corona situation, we figured many people would stay at home and take up DIY chores around the house. The Holiday DIY video gave a magic touch to the campaign. Even if a film is just short, it conveys a lot of feeling. The Filmding team handled the project well. That made us feel reassured. The results led to a lot of positive response. With these films, we really distinguish ourselves from others in our market.

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